SuperNerdLIVE Episode 24 - South Korea Kinda Sucks

SuperNerdLIVE Episode 24 - South Korea Kinda Sucks


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Featuring @SuperNerdMartyr, @SuperNerdJordan, @SuperNerdMike, and some dude named Josh. 


Nintendo Switch won’t be sold at a loss (can talk about the “simulated” gameplay shown too), But Nobunaga’s Ambition gives glimmer of hope for game lineup-

  • Won’t be sold at a loss, says Nintendo CEO

  • Also aid they are “listening to what consumers expect from us when setting price”

  • Concern about Switch, but hope lies on the horizon with game lineup

  • Koei Tecmo has confirmed Nobunaga’s Ambition for the Switch

  • Leaves questions about what other series could be brought to the console


Both Sides of SAG-AFTRA Strike Make Statements

  • Lots of statements from both sides, take a look


EA Quietly Bans Country of Myanmar from Origin

  • Users in Myanmar found themselves unable to access Origin, despite having already made purchases and used it before.

  • EA is now trying to restore access

  • Note, Origin is inaccessible to Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Crimea-region Ukraine, Iran, and Myanmar.

  • EA is working with custs to restore service in Myanmar


Blizzcon Sees Info for Diablo, Including Return of the Necromancer and Original Diablo

  • Necromancer confirmed to be returning to the series in Diablo III in Rise of the Necromancer

  • Original Diablo being remade in DIII engine, will be added with a patch (to DIII?)


Nintendo Power Hotline Makes a Reappearance For a Weekend

  • With the release of the NES Classic, Nintendo is bringing back the Nintendo Power Hotline

  • November 11th to 13th, 6am to 7pm PT

  • (425) 885-7529


Croagunk Added to Pokken

  • Croagunk is the newest fighter announced for the arcade version of Pokken

  • Joins Scizor and Darkrai as newer fighters



Dragon Quest VIII Western Release Set

  • January 20th in NA and Europe

  • Comes with 2 new side quests, two new playable characters


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update, Welcome Amiibo, Live Now

  • Animal Crossing Direct on November 2nd showed off update, released that morning

  • Amiibo compatibility with both amiibo cards and AC figure amiibo

  • Wisp returns to allow you to scan an amiibo card and possibly have villager move in

  • New set of AC amiibo cards made just with update in mind, villagers in RVs

  • RV campground featuring Harvey, potential villagers and special guests including characters from Splatoon and Zelda, based on amiibo scanned

  • Minigames unlocked by finding the New 3DS and WiiU in game

  • MEOW coupons are new currency for completing goals in town

  • Amiibo camera mode

  • New storeroom so you can horde EVERYTHING

  • Decorating home uses touch screen now, similar to Happy Home Designer

  • Link data from Happy Home Designer for new, giant furniture

Warner Bros. Claims Agency Ran its Own Pirate Movie Site

  • Warner Bros claims talent agency ran its’ own pirate site of ripped DVD screeners

  • Lawsuit filed against Innovative Artists for copyright infringement and DMCA violation


Deadpool 2: why did its director quit?

  • Creative differences caused Miller to quit

  • Reynolds, Reese, and Wernick wanted a movie that was “scrappy” and similar to first

  • Miller wanted a movie that would cost 3 times as much and be more stylized

  • Unnamed Source: There were two totally different movies on the table, and one of them just wasn’t Deadpool


Lol, Now Miller Is Working on Live Action Sonic Movie Instead


  • Miller is now working on a live action/animated hybrid featuring the blue guy that's gotta go fast

  • How the mighty have fallen


Bethesda and Review Copies: Is it anti-consumer?

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