SuperNerd LIVE Episode 22 - Distracted By The Joints

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Note: My connection was screwing during stream, so audio jumps around at times. SORRY ;-;


Tales of Berseria Western Date Announced With Special Edition - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/07/tales-of-berseria-western-release-date-collectors-edition-announced/

  • Launching on PS4 and PC on January 24th in NA, 27th in Europe

  • Limited Edition (10k units made) version of game available for NA, $149.99, available for preorder now

  • Comes with exclusive steel book case, Velvet and Laphicet chibi kyun chara figures, 8-bit retro keychain set, “Special Selection” music CD, hardcover prequel novel, trading cards, and starter strategy guide art book


Sony OKs Mods On PS4 - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/05/sony-greenlights-mods-4k-support-fallout-4-skyrim-special-edition-ps4/

  • Announcement came from Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing at Bethesda, on Twitter

  • “Big thanks to the folks at PlayStation who worked with us to get PS4 mod support out for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Doesn’t happen without them.”

  • Only mods using in-game assets will be compatible


Second Evolution for Sun and Moon Starters and More - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/04/starter-pokemon-first-evolutions-poke-pelago-ash-greninja-reveals-sun-moon/

  • New evolutions are Dartrix (grass), Torracat (fire), and Brionne (water)

  • Festival Plaza for all multiplayer functions including battle, trading, and helping other trainers to earn rewards

  • Poke Pelago shows where your PC Pokemon go; Can interact with them for various bonuses

  • Mega Evolution returns

  • Ash-Greninja will be available in the demo and transferrable to either version of the game.

  • Releases on 3DS November 18th for NA and 23rd for Europe


Danganronpa Coming to PS4 - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/04/danganronpa-1%E2%80%A22-reload-announced-for-playstation-4/

  • Danganronpa 1&2 Reload comes with Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair on PS4

  • Special edition of the game for $59.99; Includes the game, hardcover art book, two disc soundtrack, monokuma sunglasses, monokuma coin, “sorry I was born stupid” sticker, and collectors box.

  • Releases early 2017


Prepare for The Crimson Court, Darkest Dungeon’s First Expansion - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/03/first-expansion-for-darkest-dungeon-the-crimson-court-announced/

  • Will be released early next year

  • Comes with a new playable class, and Red Hook is “keeping the rest of the details close to the chest for now”


Do Your Part To Bring Dragon Quest X To The West - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/08/square-enix-might-finally-localize-dragon-quest-x-fans-demand-enough/

  • Question during PAX West panel for Square boss Noritoshi Fujimoto about localization

  • Translation and localization is costly from a business perspective, but the idea hasn’t been tossed

  • Possibility that western fans will see a localization if there is enough support

  • Mentioned localization of DQVII as example of game that was localized due to fan support


Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Gets Western Release - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/06/final-fantasy-trading-card-game-set-october-28-western-release/

  • Release date for English version of Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

  • First set named “Opus I”, 216 cards

  • Every card has a standard and holo version

  • FFVII, X, and XIII themed starter packs also available at launch

Beyond Good and Evil Game Confirmed In Development - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/07/ubisoft-montpellier-officially-working-on-new-beyond-good-evil-with-series-creator/

  • Currently in development with series creator Michel Ancel

  • Confirmed to be developed internally at Square Enix with Montpellier Studio

  • Announced on official Facebook

Sega Confirms Yakuza 0 Will Hit Western Shores Uncensored - http://nichegamer.com/2016/10/06/sega-confirms-yakuza-0-will-hit-western-shores-uncensored/


Sega has confirmed (via Censored Gaming) that Yakuza 0 won’t be censored in its western release.

The news comes via SEGA PR representative John Hardin, who said:


“Production has confirmed that no gameplay features like that have been cut. Actually, our demo at E3 and GameStop Expo included the scene where you have to train the BDSM mistress,” he said. “Yakuza 0’s Kamurocho and Sotenbori are as raw as ever.”


Little Witch Academia Series Premeires in January - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-10-08/little-witch-academia-tv-anime-teaser-video-promotes-january-premiere/.107417

  • Premiered at an event alongside a screening of Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade

  • Show revolves around Akko who idolized a witch named Shiny Chariot as a child, who then attends Luna Nova Academy, the same school for witches that Shiny Chariot attended.

  • Will be on Netflix


Power Rangers Trailer Premieres - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-10-08/new-power-rangers-film-posts-teaser-trailer-with-halsey-song/.107421

  • Slated for March 24, 2017 release

  • Dacre Montgomery (Jason, Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly, Pink Ranger), Ludi Lin (Zack, Black Ranger), R.J. Cyler (Billy, Blue Ranger), Becky Gomez (Trini, Yellow Ranger)

  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

John Wick Chapter 2 trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMqETeQrgqU


Forrest Whittaker joins Black Panther - http://www.cbr.com/marvels-black-panther-adds-forest-whitaker/


Marvel reveals “America” series - http://www.cbr.com/nycc-marvels-america-chavez-to-star-in-her-own-series/


NYCC toys - http://www.toyhypeusa.com/2016/10/07/nycc-2016-pop-culture-shock-toys-booth-coverage/



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